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Space Dozer

0.99 usd

Your job is very simple; eliminate the uninhabitable planets of the galaxy! To do so you use your super powerful spacedozer to push these planets in hatches which are connected to black holes. When all the planets are aligned above a hatch, they will be absorbed by the black hole and the level will be completed.The game is based on the famous Sokoban, very popular in the 1980s. However, unlike most Sokoban levels, every level in Space Dozer has several possible solutions. But only one of these solutions is "optimum", meaning this is the minimum number of moves required to complete the level.
There are three categories of levels; , and . All levels can be played in any order (they are not locked).
There is only one level of undo available but the game can be reset at any time. The optimum solution for each and every level is provided with no in-app purchases required. In any level, the solution play sequence can be interrupted at any time by simply tapping on the question mark button again.
There is NO annoying advertisement in the game. Enjoy!
Please note that Sokoban "experts" will probably find the levels a little easy for their liking.